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$2/per bottle Donation to Coronavirus Response Fund for Central Kentucky

Even your break needs a break. You know the familiar time that comes when only a glass of wine will do? Even that seems routine. Your favorite stand-by has been good to you, but sometimes it's a little too dry, too predictable, too pretentious. It's time to switch it up. It's time for a Fling! 

You have always been loyal. You have always been thoughtful of the wine you bring to dinner. You needn't worry, however, this daring new blend is not here to ruin your reputation for good taste. It is here to punctuate your dedication to good wine with something... spicy... something easy... something memorable. It is here because sometimes your common social affairs just seem too, well, common. 

This white wine blend has an excellent body and a clean smooth finish. It's bold and daring like your spontaneous weekend getaways, shopping sprees and occasional alter ego.

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