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Bulb Planting for the Festive Season

Date: Sun, Nov 3, 2019
Time 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Indoor bulbs are key to having beautiful flowers and fragrance throughout your festivities. Join us Sunday where you will create your own take-home planter of festive bulbs.

Learn the traditional techniques required to get hardy flower bulbs such as amaryllis and narcissus to bloom indoors, giving you a display of color for the festive season. Join us as we "tell all" and help you brighten up your home. 

Registration for this workshop includes detailed instructions on how to successfully grow hardy flower bulbs indoors, as well as a hands-on take home project: everyone will plant a vase using bulbs that we have chosen to bloom properly indoors. 

Welcomed Guests: $49

Wine Club Members: $39

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