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Nini Edwards
February 5, 2018 | Wine | Nini Edwards

All About Zinthiana Rose

I have been a member of the "Rosé Year Round Club" for quite some time now. We have introduced our dry rosé, Zinthiana, to our tasting room and I am ecstatic. I quite literally drank the juice a few years ago and have been on the rosé wagon ever since. 

Zinthiana Rosé satisfies the best of both red and white worlds. Our rosé holds the fruitiness of a red wine and a the acidity of a white. Needless to say, I am so in love with this bottle of Zinthiana. The flavor is just as beautiful as its lush rosé color.

Look at the beautiful glow! This truly is a wonderful artisan wine. 


The Grape:

It is a large bulbous grape and very juicy. Zinthiana is a cross between Zinfandel and Norton and bred to have the characteristics of both its bold parents. 

Currently we are growing it on two different trellising systems, VSP and High Wire. We have lucked out as it is a heavy producer with the ability to hang on the vine well into the fall. We have grown this grape for 7 years and it shows a lot of promise for producing in Kentucky! 

The Wine:

One could make their Zinthiana as a deep bold red wine. However, we chose to make our Zinthiana as one would produce a white wine, which creates an interesting complex rosé. Zinthiana is more of a table wine grape. For example, it is wine that you can make and have it ready to drink in six to nine months. Therefore, you do not have to barrel age it.

As far as the rosé goes, it is a really light juice. The decision to not ferment it on the skins was made at the crush pad. The color was light and pretty and our wine maker made the decision to go ahead press it off the skins to make it the rosé we know today.

There is a lot of character and zing experienced with our Zinthiana. Very fruit forward and has enough acid in it to give it strength at the end, thus a light tannic finish.

The Pairing:

Though vegetables and a green salad pair lovely with Zinthiana, do not let the light pink color fool you. There is a wide variety of heavier foods that balance well with our rosé: barbecue, grilled pork, sausage, charcuterie just to name a few!

If you are looking to entertain, serve our dry rosé with deliciously rich cheeses on your charcuterie board. Salty and cheesy mixed with dry rosé is a beautiful combination. One I am willing to try often!  


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